I can’t resist fresh snow.

Snowbiking in fresh show 011

We had 2 inches of fresh snow fall during the day today. It was warmer at 10F/-12C degrees, but still cold enough to have the fluffy kind of snow. The best kind. It’s much easier to ride in than warmer, wetter snow. Snowbiking in fresh show 009

It’s hard to see any definition in the low light conditions above. With the exception of a track from a standard size mountain bike tire from earlier in the day, I was breaking fresh trail. Traction wasn’t a problem even though I’m running a rear fat tire best suited for hard compacted groomed snow.

It was another beautiful day to be out in the snow.

Snowbiking in fresh show 001.JPG

In some weather conditions the alley is the fastest and safest way to ride to and from the trail.

Happy Riding.

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