Winter Camping: 0 for 2.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine and I were packed up and ready to go winter camping. A day before we were to leave the forecast decided to dip down into the -25degF range with much colder windchills. We decided to postpone.

We decided to try again this weekend. A warmer, more comfortable forecast was out. Again we were all packed and ready to go. Then he came down with a nasty cold. Postponed again.

What to do? Get out for a bike ride. We are still experiencing above normal temperatures. With temperatures in the mid-30’s I headed out for a ride around town and along the lake front.


There should not be open water here this time of year. There should be ice and ice fishermen and ice shacks out there. It’s weird.

I’m a bit late getting new technology. With the recent purchase of my first Smartphone I can now do things like this:
Happy Riding.

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