Wait, winter has not retreated yet.


With unusual warm weather and rain over the past several days, it appeared winter was retreating early. After the above freezing temps and rain yesterday I thought for sure the trails were done for. Then I awoke to light snow and temps a few degrees below freezing. As the day went by the lake effect snow continued to fall as did the temperature. By the time my wife and I got home from an early afternoon movie I was itching to get out and play in the fresh two inches of snow that had fallen.


What I discovered where trails that were still in prime condition. Somehow they had survived the warm spell and rain. It was like a gift. Just when I thought winter might be gone, it reappeared and seemed like it never left.


Again I had to relearn the lesson: “You gotta get out when the gettin’ is good”. And today was Good!


3 thoughts on “Wait, winter has not retreated yet.

  1. Pondero February 22, 2016 / 7:01 am

    Lovely! I’m glad to see that your delightful winter riding conditions are staying awhile. That last photo appears to be taken on a steep slope. Is that correct?…and are you able to maintain traction and climb that thing?


    • fourseasoncycling February 22, 2016 / 8:17 am

      I was able to ride it this time. Steepness is only one variable when it comes to determining traction when riding on snow. It depends on how firm or soft the snow is. That depends upon temperature. How much direct sunlight there is, how new the snow is, and how much snow base is underneath. And then there’s tread pattern. I run a tire on the rear that is best for firm packed snow in colder temps. So I lack traction in the softer stuff at higher temps. When all those variables come together I can ride up just about any hill. When non of those variables is working I’m pushing the bike up grades as low as 2%.


  2. bribikes February 22, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    Your pictures make me want to dash out to the nearest trail on my bike…but unfortunately the trails are too soft right now, they have to be pretty hard for me to take my mtb on them. I was able to ride them on Thursday though which made me super happy 😀 I wonder what kind of weather March will bring?

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