Before the thaw.


I know I keep saying every ride is the last snowbike ride before winter ends. I thought my ride on Tuesday was going to be the last. We had a few warm days with lots of melting. Then yesterday we had a fast moving snow storm drop a quick 2 inches of snow on us. Overnight temps dropped below freezing. And apparently there was some freezing rain overnight. The fresh snow, and everything else, had a quarter inch of ice covering it this morning.

I’m not normally a get-up-and-get-out-to-ride kind of person. Today I realized if I could get out early before the temps rose too far above freezing the snow biking might be pretty decent. Decent despite the lack of base and a packed trail. But decent considering the warm weather we’ve been having.


Turns out it was a perfect morning to be out on the trails. I chose the snowmobile trails because it would have been too soft on the mountain bike trails. I didn’t expect to see any snowmobiles in these conditions. Although I did see one.


And I was passed by two other fatbikers who seemed to have the same idea. While up on Spirit Mountain I could see some dog sled races on a parallel trail. They all had teams of four dogs and were flying. I tried to snap a few photos through the trees, but they were going so fast it was hard to capture.


You have to look really hard to see them in this picture. Four blackish colored dogs and the front end of a sled just behind them. You know winter isn’t over yet when you run across dog sleds.

The forecast for the next ten days calls for 40’s and 50’s. Not normal for us. So this may really be the end of our ride-able snow. Although, if I get out really early tomorrw I might still get in one more ride.


3 thoughts on “Before the thaw.

  1. Pondero March 5, 2016 / 9:14 pm

    Not that it is any of my business, but I was wondering about your luggage. Carrying anything fun, like a picnic, in there? Glad you are having additional opportunities to get out there on the snow.


    • fourseasoncycling March 6, 2016 / 8:50 am

      No, nothing really fun. Although, during the ride I thought about how I could have stopped for “coffee outside” if I had planned it. There was no wind and it felt quite warm. I usually don’t plan to stop during snowbike rides because of the amount of energy required to power a bike through snow. I sweat very heavy no matter how light I dress. Stopping would require changing out of the wet base layer, at a minimum, to stay warm. That brings me to what I did carry: Water. Extra clothes just in case of a miscalculation in layering, or a breakdown. Base layer, warmer gloves, wool winter cycling cap and headband. Basic repair stuff and pump. Wallet, camera, iPhone.


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