Winter again!


Our current weather cycle of almost Spring, followed by Winter….and repeat, continues. The snow from a winter storm earlier in the week was gone by yesterday. The city had the street cleaners out sweeping up a winter’s worth of sand. It was looking more like Spring again. Today we woke to another 2 inches of wet snow. Flurries continued to fall all day long.


The temperature rose to barely above the freezing mark. The wind was that bone chilling damp wind coming off the Big Lake. And the snow flakes were as wet as rain. Not much to draw one outside. Regardless I knew any ride was better than staying cooped up inside. I finally got motivated late in the day to get out for a short ride.


I had a realization today. When the weather is like this, damp windy cold, I tend to choose a route with a good amount of climbing. Climbing keeps me warm. So that’s what I did today as well. Only 14 miles, but I climbed over 1300 feet total during the ride. Here’s my route today: //


During a normal winter I would still be running studded tires. I took them off a few weeks ago when we started warming up faster than other years. Today was a bit sketchy without the studs. Not to the point that it was scary. It required more attention to my speed, stopping distances and taking corners. The temp dropped to freezing during my ride. Between that and the fresh sand on the roads I didn’t take the downhills at my regular speed. I definitely didn’t want to do any panic stops while descending. The wet roads with sand combined with a bike that has disc brakes that tend to lock up in conditions like this made it a day not to push my luck.

As always. Once I got home I was glad I got out for a ride despite the less than ideal conditions.


2 thoughts on “Winter again!

  1. capejohn March 26, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    I was going to to a 35 mile ride today but the cold wind kept me close to home. Won’t be long these winter rides will be done with for a while.


  2. wildknits March 27, 2016 / 7:02 am

    Hauled myself out for a run about noon; the brisk headwind as I descended towards Lake Superior was fun but I was just as happy not to run into it the full 7 miles. There were a couple of times I regretted not wearing eye protection as the precip varied between snow, icy pellets and rain.

    I am anxiously awaiting the roads being cleared of sand. Even on foot some of the steeper descents are sketchy right now.


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