And more winter….


Another night and morning with light snow. It added up to another couple of inches. It was warm enough it was partially melting as it was piling up. I decided to spend the day being productive. I worked on our household budget and started our taxes. I had planned to get out for a ride as well. Then the day got away from me. As it was getting late in the day I decided not to take the time to get dressed up for a short ride and just get out for a quick walk around the neighborhood.


One mile uphill, a loop through the woods, and back down the hill. It had been cloudy and snowing for a day and a half. Part way through the walk the sun started to peek out of the clouds. What a wonderful feeling with the cool air, fresh snow, and the warm March sun.


The short walk really help clear my head and lift my spirits.


I’m glad I made the effort to get outside.


I hope you got out this weekend and had a Happy Easter.

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