Sunday ride pictures.

Crossing the Bong.

I headed out this afternoon to take a longer ride. It was such a nice sunny day, although a bit cool with a wind off the big lake, I ended up only riding 17 miles. I crossed over into Superior, Wisconsin. My rides don’t take me over there too often. I did a little bit of exploring today and did some picture taking instead of a long ride. It was most enjoyable. I’ll leave you with the pictures. Here’s my route: //  I couldn’t figure out what was going on with the elevation profile when I crossed the bridge. It showed a drop in elevation when in reality I climbed up the bridge. Turns out it recorded the elevation of the river and not the bridge deck.

Crossing the Bong.
Old buildings.
Old Soo Line Superior Depot.
The (HE)RBERT C JACKSON getting a new paint job at the Fraser Ship Yards. They can dry dock a nearly 900 foot laker at this shipyard.
Before the high bridge was built this was the main road to the swing bridge that connected Duluth and Superior. Now it’s a hard to find dead end with a mix of industrial buildings and private homes built in the late 1800’s. There is harbor access off both sides.
Steel hulled boat. You had to be a thin person to get into to that cabin door.
The Blatnik.
Avoiding the highway, picked up a couple of Wood Ticks in the grass.
Abrupt end to the Osaugie Trail.
The inner harbor near Barker’s Island.
A ship as a museum. A rare flat bottom Whaleback.
Duluth as seen across the Harbor.

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