Xtracycle errand running. 

That’s my Blue Truck/Xtracycle locked to the giant carrot. When the local co-op opened this second store in March less then 1 mile from my house it cut down on my long tail biking miles. The other store is 6 miles and one big climb away from my house. 

Food shopping at the co-op makes up a large portion of what I use this cargo bike for. The new store is walking distance. For small purchases I walk to the store. 

One of the other errands I’ve been using the Blue Truck/Xtracycle for during the summer months is picking up our weekly CSA farm share. This was what motivated me to build the cargo bike 9 years ago. The first summer farm share is next Monday. Our pick up location for the past 11 years has been located three miles away. I would combine the pick up with my commute. This year we have a new pick up location. It’s less than a mile away. Again, fewer miles for the cargo bike. 

I have to admit it’s sad to be putting fewer miles on the cargo bike. On the other hand I’m thrilled to have more access to these kind of services within one mile of my home. 

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