Sunday hike in the woods.

A densely wooded forest we had all to ourselves.

While I tend to go biking when going solo, which is most of the time, Susan and I go hiking when we do something together. We’ve been trying to get out together more often this year. Yesterday turned out to be a hiking day. It started out to be just about perfect weather. Much cooler than the day before. The temp being about 20 degrees colder. The forecast was calling for a 15% chance of rain. We figured that meant a 85% chance of no rain. The reality turned out to be the exact opposite. Luckily we’ve lived here long enough to know you can’t trust the weather forecast. We packed along some rain gear and warmer clothes.

Our chosen destination was a newer stretch of the Superior Hiking Trail. The most southern section currently built. Most of it is inside a State Park. It covers a rugged, densely wooded corner of the park that is not used. Prior to this section of trail being put in a few years ago, there was no development in this corner of the park. We did an out-and-back hike lasting just over three hours.  We did not see another human the entire time. We did see some large black bear prints in a muddy section of the trail. No pictures because I had my camera buried in my day pack because of the rain. And yes, that 15% chance of rain turned into a 30 minute thunderstorm.

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy the forest during a rain storm. It smells so nice. All the dripping water and wetness makes everything seem to lush and green. I mentioned to Susan I would rather be out in 58F degrees and rainy then 85F degrees and buggy. She agreed. It was a good day to be out in the forest.

One thought on “Sunday hike in the woods.

  1. Pondero June 13, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    “…58F degrees and rainy than 85F degrees and buggy”…now here are some temperatures I can understand. Since it has been like Houston (hot and steamy) outside lately, I’d take that 58F degree rain right about now.


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