A change of scenery.

Crossing the Richard I. Bong Bridge to Wisconsin.

Well, another crazy warm day for November. I can’t ever remember going for a bike ride in November and not having to wear gloves. The temps should be down near the freezing mark. Not complaining. I’m enjoying it. Snow will come soon enough.

Today I felt like a change of pace from the usual scenery. These days, since I do shorter rides than in the past, I don’t have the route options I had when I rode 40 and 50 milers on the weekends. To mix it up today I rode across the bridge to Wisconsin. I decided to visit the Superior Municipal Forest and ride the gravel road through it. I hadn’t been there since this Spring. Back then the road was closed. It had suffered a lot of damage during the Spring melt. Much of the road was washed away in places. In other places it was muddy and soft or badly eroded. Back then I remember thinking the fatbike would have been a better choice. Today I found the road open. New gravel in many places and nicely graded the entire distance. I only saw three cars while there. I really think it’s a place that even the locals don’t know about.


I personally find it a bit of a magical place. With it’s old growth trees, waterways and inlets from the St Louis River, and a lack of visitors, it’s a surprise to find a place like this on the edge of a town like Superior, Wisconsin.



Above is one of my favorite spots. The big old White Pine, the winding road along the inlet, and the hillsides of Minnesota in the distance.

I should visit this forest more often.

A road to nowhere, with a bike lane, in the Billings Park neighborhood.

As soon as I snapped this picture my phone died. I had been tracking my ride up until this point. Here’s a link to the ride up until the phone died if you were curious where in the world this is.

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