Yesterday was mostly good.

Late in the day sunshine on the St. Louis River.

Yesterday I promised myself I’d be productive. I had what felt like a million things on the to-do-list that I’ve been putting off because the weather has been so unseasonably fantastic. Susan and I did a lot of hiking the past two weekends. That was great. This weekend is a catch-up weekend for her class she is taking. It’s a class she needs to take to upgrade her Social Work license. That meant a weekend for me to get caught up on my stuff. I had a mental list. Of course a bike ride at some point in the day was at the top of the list. I got rolling in the morning with some updates to my products on my Salty Pedaler website. Still more to do there. If anyone is curious I added sweatshirts for my winter fatbike themed BICICLE design. I’m offering them in four colors on either a crewneck sweatshirt or a hooded pullover sweatshirt with a pouch pocket. Here’s a look at them:

After working on that I got stuck a bit. That happens to me. I find myself overwhelmed with the size of the to-do-list and end up not be able to get started on anything. It was starting to get late in the day. I started to cross things off my mental list. It finally came down to the bike ride was all I had time for. It was now or never. I almost didn’t get going on that. But I finally snapped out of the rut and convinced myself it would practically be a crime not to take advantage of this nice weather while we have it. The temps are still running 20 degrees above normal. I manged to get out for a 20 mile ride.

The western end of Skyline Parkway at Magney Snively Park.

I had a nice surprise when I went to ride the gravel stretch of Skyline Parkway. It’s finally closed for winter. It typically closes from November 1st to April 1st. I happened to be out here on Wednesday and it hadn’t closed yet. I was happy to see it closed. It means no car traffic. It was a nice head clearing ride. In store for today is a repeat of yesterday. But hopefully I’ll skip the “getting stuck” part.



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