15% off all orders at Salty Pedaler


Now through December 8, 2016 get 15% off all orders at my store with coupon code: Holiday2016

My on-line store, Salty Pedaler, has quite a few new products. Available for purchase are bicycle related designs applied to tee-shirts and mugs. I come up with designs I like and  also offer them to others.

Recently a friend of mine told me he liked one of my designs and decided he’d like to buy a tee shirt with the design on it. I was excited to know what design he liked so much. Turns out he liked the Salty Pedaler logo design the most. I told him it wasn’t offered on any of my products. He was insistent it was the logo he wanted on a tee shirt. I ended up ordering a sample order with two tee shirts and a mug. One for him and one for me in a different color, just to see how it came out. It ended up looking great on a tee shirt and the mug. It looked so good I put it on the Salty Pedaler website. In the past few weeks it’s been one of my better sellers. They are offered in men’s tees and unisex tees.


Some of the other best sellers include the following:

Check out all the products at Salty Pedaler.

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