So good to be back on the bike.


Okay, you didn’t know I’ve been off the bike. One or two of you may have noticed I haven’t posted here or on any social media for a few weeks….well….except for those cat pictures. I’ve been fortunate enough for almost three year years not to catch any cold or flu bugs going around. The longest “healthy” streak in several decades for me. That ended on the Thursday or Friday before Easter. For the next two weeks I did nothing but sleep, blow my nose, cough, take cold medicine and try to be productive at my new job. I successfully suffered through it. I didn’t have to call off sick from my new job. Although I probably should have to keep from spreading my germs around.

Yesterday was the day for my first ride since catching the cold. A Saturday that started out with cloudless skies. It had clouded over by the time I got out in the late afternoon. The wind was blowing off the lake and the temp was in the low forties by the lake. So I rode toward the lake to start off. That would give me a tailwind coming home. The Canal Park area, which is by the Lake Superior water front is also a big tourist area. I didn’t expect to see many people around on a cold April weekend. But it was as busy as a summer day. Maybe it was Spring Break people or some event was going on, not sure. But there were so many people out walking on the lake front I had a hard time taking the picture above with all the people walking by.


Even though I have now lived in Duluth for 15 1/2 years I still not used to seeing ocean going freighters here in the middle of the country. The above ship is the Reestborg. A Dutch flagged ship. It’s anchored off shore waiting to enter the harbor and take on a load of wheat before it heads back to the Atlantic Ocean via the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence Seaway. Maybe most people don’t realize there are ocean going ships that reach ports deep into the Midwest? Duluth happens to be the furthest inland port for ocean ships. Although the majority of the large freighters only navigate the Great Lakes.


Sunday gave me another opportunity to ride. Getting out yesterday and riding seemed to flush the remaining cold out of my system. Cleaned out the lungs and sinuses. I feel like the cold is gone. Riding today felt colder then yesterday despite the air temperature being almost exactly the same. The difference was the wind speed. Today the gusts off the cold lake were much higher. Didn’t matter. I was just happy to be out riding a bike and feeling healthy again.

Cycle on.

My weekend: Three bikes and some whitewater.

Lake Superior on April 1st. If this was a normal year you’d be seeing the lake covered in ice right now.

We had what must have been one of the nicer April 1st in quite awhile. Pleasant temps for this time of year and a lack of wind. I got in my longest ride of the year on Saturday. Nothing to brag about, but it felt good to spend some time in the saddle.


People at work were talking about the Annual Lester River Kayak Races happening this weekend. They are scheduled last minute to correspond with high melt water on the river. Lester River is located on the eastern side of Duluth. I headed in that general direction thinking I could end up at the races about time they were scheduled to start. I rode along the Lake front on the Lakewalk. It’s still odd to have the studded tires off the bike so early in the Spring. The bike felt fast with the smooth rolling summer tires.


It wasn’t long before I reached the Lester River Crossing on the Lakewalk extension. I headed up stream to see if I could find the kayak races.

Spectators waiting for the races to begin.

I found a place to watch just as the projected start time arrived. I waited 20 minutes but the kayaks never came. As per usual for me when the weather starts to warm up, I tend overdress and get a bit sweaty. I was starting to catch a chill standing around. So I meandered on my way without witnessing any of the racing in person. Here’s some footage from YouTube for an idea of what I missed.


Bike ride number two on bike number two happened Sunday. It was an errand run to the local Co-op (not to be confused with Whole Foods Market).


We’ve always kept a tight household budget. In fact we’ve been budgeting our expenses since 1998. Our food budget always challenges us and helps us from over spending. The down side of the food budget is we get low on basic food staples by the end of the month. Once a new month rolls around we generally do a couple of big shopping trips. The picture is of the Blue Truck/Xtracycle loaded up with four full size sacks of groceries. The xtra large canvass shopping bags were hand sewn by Susan and fit in the Xtracycle quite nicely.


Bike number three may not be what you were expecting. This one has a motor other then me to power it. The snow is gone and it’s warm. I decided it was a good weekend to take the cover off the moto, drop in the battery, and start it up. I’m always impressed with this Honda motor. After sitting outside all winter, it starts up instantly and without any complaints. Luckily whatever animal was living under the seat was gone and hadn’t chewed through any of the wiring. Looking forward to another season of riding this machine along with all my other bikes.

Hope everyone out there had a nice weekend.

Cycle on.