Snowy February.

So far in the month of February we’ve had two and a half feet of powdery snow fall on us. It has created conditions that are quite difficult to ride in. The groomed trails aren’t firming up, leaving a sugary snow that offers little traction. Sunday I tried to ride the Mission Creek Trails but made it less than one mile before taking a hard fall and bailing out on the nearby snowmobile trail. The snowmobile trail weren’t much better. But still, it was nice to be out in the sunshine.

Monday I was off for the Presidents Day holiday. I tried the Piedmont trails. They were just barely firm enough to ride. The day was sunny and felt warm with light winds blowing. It was great to be out again.

Keep on riding.

One thought on “Snowy February.

  1. The Padre February 21, 2019 / 8:38 am

    That Is One Beautiful Beast – Well Done



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