Best Snow I’ve ever Ridden

I worked a half day today because I scheduled a plumber to come over and fix our basement sump pump. He was in and out in an hour. That left me with a free afternoon. Free to go fatbiking I say.

We had a record month for snow in February, 36 inches. It never really firmed up all month and was difficult to ride. On Sunday I rode the singletrack on the ridge above my house. The conditions were beginning to improve and was it was almost rideable.

With a winter storm coming this weekend I wanted to get out and ride today before the trails get buried again.

I don’t know what happened in the last four days, but the trail conditions went from fair to the best conditions I’ve ever ridden. That’s saying a lot because I estimate I’ve ridden 12-14,000 miles on snow on a fatbike over the last 13 winters.

Sunday I felt like everything took a huge effort. I had to push the bike up small rises and bumps. Gradual inclines were a struggle to keep moving forward. Today? Everything was effortless. The conditions were unusually fast. I rode every single inch, every bump and every hill. The first time for me on these trails. I never touched a foot down. And I rode twice as far with less effort.

I love March riding. It will change this weekend though. High winds and 6-9 inches of new snow are forecast. We could easily be riding snow into April.

Get out there and ride.

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