Snow is hanging on.

The weather has turned. It’s attempting to shift into the Spring thaw. This past week we had temps rising above the freezing mark and heavy rain on Wednesday. I figured the rain ended any chances of riding snow now.

After a night of lows in the teens I figured I needed to get out and see for myself if there was any rideable snow.

I discovered some spectacular riding. I was out before noon and before it reached the freezing mark. If you wait until it gets above freezing with the snow depth we still have, it becomes unrideable very quickly.

Only a half mile into this ride I stopped at the edge of the groomed trail to let a snowmobile go by. As I put my foot down on the snow just on the outside of the groomed part of the trail my foot punched through the snow and into a water filled ditch. I was wearing a low gaiter which prevented my boot from instantly swamping. But I didn’t get out without my boot getting a good soaking. It was only 29F degrees. Needless to say I chose to cut my ride short so as not to turn my foot into an icicle. I did stay out for an hour though.

Get out there and ride.

3 thoughts on “Snow is hanging on.

  1. Wildknits March 17, 2019 / 8:47 am

    Thanks for the trail update! Looks like a lovely ride.

    Due to single-track trail conditions, and concern about punchy snow machine trails (and wet feet) I opted for roads yesterday.

    Heading west today to check out that exact area.


  2. Glen March 26, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    Is this Skyline Parkway?


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