Seasonal Transitions

Two weeks ago I was convinced we’d have rideable snow well into April. And then the weather turned. Our snow is virtually gone except for a lot of piles.

Over the weekend the studded tires came off the A-train. Looking back through last years pictures I discovered the studs came off two days earlier than last year. Back when I used to commute daily all year round I’d need to keep the studs on until mid-April most years. That’s when morning temps would get above freezing and stay there for good. Prior to that there is ice in the mornings from the previous days snow melt.

I tried out a new saddle bag this weekend. I’ve never used this type of bag. It was different. Not terribly stable. I finally looped the flap straps through my rear rack to stabilize it better. The bag itself is a very nicely made bag from Ellum Bag Works and sold by Hobo Pieces.

I rode on Skyline Parkway with overlooks of Duluth and Lake Superior. I had a view of the second Great Lakes freighter to leave the port since the shipping season started Friday. A Coast Guard Ice Breaker has been clearing shipping lanes. Ships on the move is a sign of Spring here on Lake Superior.

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