BWCAW Winter Camping January 2019

I haven’t kept up my blogging like I had intended this year. I’m posting a mostly picture post of a winter camping trek into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness we did back in January. I’ve taking many winter treks like this but it’s been more than a decade since the last time I’ve ventured into the wilderness. The past few years my friend Jeff and I have tried to get out on a winter overnight at least once every winter. I thought it was time he experience a wilderness trip where there are no road crossings, no cell service and nothing but frozen lakes, rivers, trees, and snow. And, no other people. We had planned a two night trip. We ended up cutting it short after one night. The snow depths on the lakes and rivers were deeper than I’d ever experienced. This caused some unsettling slush conditions to develop between the snow cover and the lake ice. The energy output required to keep moving forward was greater than expected. To put it simply I was exhausted after day one. We made the right choice and ended the trip early. Regardless it was magical to be moving about this beautiful wilderness in the middle of winter.

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