What I love the most.

My 2006 Purple Pugsley

It’s no secret to people that have followed me over the years that my favorite rides I do are on snow with fat tires. This winter has been a bit different with my tendinitis issue. I’ve been enjoying snowy walks and snowshoeing.

We haven’t had much snow the past 60 days, or our usual bitter cold. It’s made it easier not to feel like I’m been missing out. Today was different. I had to get out on the Pugsley . I couldn’t resist the reports of great trail conditions with light snowfall this morning.

It was so great to be out. I rode the groomed mtb trail loop in Duluth’s Brewer Park. This is on the ridge right above my house.

My arms are still not good. The riding flared up the tendinitis. I have to say it was so worth it today.

Today was my first ride on a bicycle in 2021. If I hadn’t gotten out today or tomorrow it would have been my first January with no fatbike snow rides since I bought my Surly Pugsley in 2006.

Bonus for those that are reading this post. I stopped posting to Instagram, taking a break for awhile, so this is the only place to see my photos for awhile.

Ride on!