Winter Trails

Superior Hiking Trail alongside Keene Creek

Today was one of those winter days I could not, would not, stay indoors. In past years I’d be soaking up the winter sunshine while on a fatbike.

Foot Travel Only

This winter I’ve been trying to stick to walking, hiking and snowshoeing to let my arms heal up.

View of the St Louis River

We’re warming our way out of a deep freeze. After of period of night time temps in the teens and twenties below zero, today was 25F/-4C degrees with light winds. It felt warm. The bitter cold firmed up the trails nicely. No snowshoes needed.

I can see my house down below.

When we moved into this area in the early 2000’s there were no trails for human powered travel. Now there is the Superior Hiking Trail and a network of mountain bike trails that crisscross or run parallel to the hiking trail. There’s also a snowmobile trail and the deer have their own network of well packed down trails. The deer and an occasional snowmobile used to have this wooded hilltop “park” overlooking the City of Duluth and Lake Superior all to themselves. Nowadays it’s fun to see so many people out fatbiking and hiking in February. I’m not sure the deer like sharing though.

Frozen Lake Superior in the distance.

I hiked four miles. I enjoyed every step on a beautiful winter day on a beautiful winter trail. A trail right in my neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Winter Trails

  1. Annie Follett February 21, 2021 / 6:22 am

    What a special spot! We too have delighted in our new surroundings, cross-country skiing in 3 unique areas only a 5 minute walk from home.


  2. Leon Carl Webster February 21, 2021 / 7:30 am

    I enjoy your occasional posts quite a bit. Please keep doing them.

    I am an aged cyclist (70) and some of my friends have gotten fat bikes and occasionally nag me to do the same. But I find that I enjoy walking/snowshoeing and x-country skiing in the winter, and changing my habit gives me a chance to develop some different muscles in the cold weather. The yoga teacher says that cycling gives one tight hips and calves, and I think walking loosens those muscles up a bit.


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